Slumber Party! Wasgij
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  • Wasgij Sumber Party!
  • Imagine..? Puzzle
  • 1000 pieces
  • 68cm x 49cm
  • Product of Nederland

t's time for bed, but the children are still running round, and there are toys scattered everywhere. Dad is losing his patience, and Granddad is getting grumpy but surely the house will quieten down when everyone goes to bed? Try to imagine the same scene in an hour or two. What could be playing havoc with Granddads wish to sleep? This is the scene you have to puzzle.

Wasgij Imagine is the brainteaser puzzle concept where you have to work out what the scene on the puzzle box would look like if day-dreams came true. Use your imagination and puzzle what might happen if imagination became reality! Remember, only the puzzle holds the answer.

Craftsmanship counts.
Quality has been an obsession at Jumbo for the last 150 years.
Each puzzle is made using only the finest quality board, making sure that each piece will keep its optimum shape and fit seamlessly together, time after time.
Each piece is cut in such a way that the finished picture will look more like a poster than a puzzle.

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  • Manufacturer: Jumbo

Slumber Party! Wasgij

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