Poffertjes Pan Cast Iron
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  • Poffertjes Pan
  • Cast Iron
  • Suitable for gas, electric and induction stoves         


Poffertjes look like tiny pancakes, around 4cm round.
They are very popular in Holland/ since at least the mid-1700s, when they started to appear in cookbooks. 
In the early years, the only ingredients were water, yeast, and buckwheat flour - truly a meal for the poor!
Expensive ingredients such as milk, wheat flour, and eggs were added to the recipes much later. 
The recipes always call for yeast, to get the puffiness. 
Contrary to baking pancakespoffertjes are turned over when the batter has not yet completely set. 
This is when they puff up (hence the name), and it also keeps them softer on the inside. 

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Poffertjes Pan Cast Iron

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